Expert on youth policies, Municipality of The Hague

„Liberalisation of the working market means that all the European citizens may freely move from one country to the other to find a good job. Everybody should be on equal footing and should not be a target to discrimination.“

Ambassador of Romania

“Do you like my shoes? They are still made in Romania, but soon we will not have people to work in this branch, neither in my country, nor in yours. So, who’s gonna make our shoes? That is the real problem Europe is confronted with!“

Expert Municipality

“There are fears in The Netherlands that Romanians and Bulgarians would accept lower salaries and would disturb the entire social and economic system. These fears are not realistic, because there are clear agreements between the Dutch and the Romanian governments that forbid the underpayment of workers.”


„The thinking pattern that eventually leads to social exclusion of migrants is a simple one: “we see in migrants somebody who does not have as much as we do; they are ruining our wealthy lives, so take them away!  But the question is: would you really like to leave alone, as a rich one between the poor?“