Play for Human Rights

The outcome of the project is the creation of a collaborative, interactive non-formal learning platform: “Play for Human Rights” – Toolkit promoting Civic Education and Active Participation.

All the materials for the Toolkit will be developed during the different project activities and will be based on the analysis of various needs, as they came out from the concrete results of six Moot Court editions where all partners joined. During these events, young people were trained to simulate trial cases, defending human rights.

The platform will offer various materials for different needs and non-formal approaches: games, activity plans, exercises, timelines as well as audiovisual content such as short movies – altogether inspiring those working with youngsters to promote and practice non-formal learning about human rights, diversity, democratic values and the rule of law.

Next to the simulation game, the Toolkit will include a large variety of other materials, developing innovative outputs by exploiting the past experiences such as the Moot Court lessons (producing videos, timelines, PowerPoints and other materials for the Toolkit will also be inspired from those results).

Participants to our “Play for Human Rights” project discussed human rights today in The Hague with Judge Alphons Orie, renowned for presiding over many trials at the former International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia.
On a sunny afternoon, Judge Orie gave feedback on one of the simulated trial cases participants have been working on. The role-plays and other materials designed by the participants will be included in a Toolkit promoting non-formal human rights education for young people.

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