Moot Court Europe 2017

Foundation Netherlands-Romania and the National Pedagogical College “Carol I” co-organized, in premiere for Romania, the Moot Court Europe 2017 – a simulated trial competition for high school students from all over Europe. The event took place between 1 and 7 June 2017 in Câmpulung, Arges under the auspices of the Câmpulung Muscel Municipality and with the assistance of Justice Resource Centre in New York. Teams from 6 different countries joined the project, which brought together almost 100 people from Bulgaria, Iceland, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia and the United States.

The event offered high school students from various countries the opportunity to debate and develop knowledge of international law, aiming at promoting civic education, human rights and international justice among young people. The meeting also allowed participants to exchange ideas and build upon the intercultural learning process.
The case argued in Câmpulung was given to us by Debra Lesser, Executive Director of the Justice Resource Center in New York, who also attended the project.

Within the programme, participants had the opportunity to attend a debate on the future of the European Union. The discussions were led by Prof. Dr. Jaap de Zwaan, professor of the Law of the European Union at Erasmus University Rotterdam, former director of Clingendael (Netherlands Institute of International Relations) and board member of the Foundation. Jaap de Zwaan also acted as Judge – President of the Bench, during the competition.

The Moot Court Europe 2017 was part of the chain of activities marking 150 years of existence of the Pedagogical College – one of our main partners. A historical monument and a valuable jewellery of the Romanian architecture, the school was founded in 1867, through the royal decree of King Carol I. Since then it has been functioning as one of the most representative educational institutions in Romania.
TV report about the Final Round and the Award Ceremony:

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